Aaron Kwok, Moka Fang’s daughter waves cheerily to reporters on the way home

Moka, who’s currently seven months pregnant, was spotted fetching her daughter from school


Chinese model Moka Fang may be seven months pregnant, but that isn’t stopping her from continuing with her daily activities. Recently, the 31-year-old was spotted outside her daughter Chantelle’s school, waiting to pick up the 2-year-old. 

A few minutes later, Chantelle, whose hair was tied up in two braids and dressed in a cheery yellow outfit, appeared. Clutching on tightly to Moka’s hands, Chantelle quickly spotted the paparazzo, who were taking pictures of them. Raising a hand up, she then waved happily to them.

Many netizens were charmed by Chantelle’s actions, with some decrying the paparazzo for their behaviour. “What a cute and well mannered kid,” one commented. “Can’t the paparazzo just let them be?”.

Moka tied the knot with Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok in 2017, and welcomed Chantelle soon after. Her second child is due in May.

Photos: PBE Media

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