Aaron Kwok’s father-in-law unhappy over couple’s big age gap?

Aaron Kwok is 23 years older than his wife Moka Fang

Aaron Kwok’s father-in-law unhappy over couple’s big age gap?

Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang tied the knot in a surprise ceremony which was only revealed hours before it took place. The pair, who are 51 and 28 respectively, have been plagued with negative vibes from both the public and Aaron’s friends even prior to the wedding.

As one of the Heavenly Kings, many expected Aaron to have a grand wedding, where he would invite many of his friends and fellow celebrities. In reality, however, he held a simple 10 table affair and only invited his closest friends.

The only fellow entertainers present were actress former actress Chingmy Yau and actor-singer Julian Cheung, along with their respective partners. Surprisingly, his other close friends, including Tony Leung, Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau and Charlie Young were not in attendance.

Netizens pointed out that previous reports of his friends objecting to the rushed marriage could have been true. That, coupled with the less-than-overwhelming number of celebrities who took to their social media platforms to wish the couple well, has convinced many that there is some truth to the speculation.

As for his close friend, producer Chiu Li Kwan, shared on her Facebook, “Did you leave me out of your wedding? Okay, when I get married in future I won’t invite you either! But… The next time you get married, please remember to invite me.”

At the wedding banquet itself, Moka’s father is also reported to have dealt Aaron with a low blow. “My daughter grew up listening to your songs!” he is said to have exclaimed, with reports saying that he is unhappy with the large age gap between the couple, especially since Aaron is closer in age to himself than his daughter.

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