Ady An celebrates husband Chen Ronglian’s birthday

The actress personally made him a birthday cake

Ady An

Taiwanese actress Ady An proved that her relationship with her businessman husband, Chen Ronglian, had not changed, amidst rumours that he had a child from a previous marriage. Just yesterday, she took to Weibo to show off the gift she got him for his birthday, which was a handmade birthday cake decorated with Doraemon figures around it.

Andy had always expressed that she wanted to be a good wife after getting married and seemed to be enjoying her new role at home. She posted pictures of the cake which had the letters ‘A’ and ‘L’ on it, presumably representing their names and also a picture of her making the cake from scratch.

Ady An1

“This is the first time in my life that I am making a cake and I am doing it specially for my ‘Doraemon’. I wish you a very happy birthday,” Ady wrote.

She further expressed that the bond between husband and wife was very strong as she revealed that Ronglian had stayed by her side the whole time to comfort her after the passing of her good friend, fellow host Shone An, in 2015.

The actress also shared the cute habits between the two, such as “squeezing toothpaste for the other if they were the first to wake up.”

Ady and Ronglian tied the knot in June this year after two years of dating. The latter was previously said to have an 8-year-old daughter from his previous marriage but Ady has since refuted these claims and said that “their marriage was the first for both of them. “

Photos: PBE Media

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