Ady An questions boyfriend’s proposal: “Is this for real?”

The actress was in disbelief when he popped the question and presented her with a paper ring


It was a surprise proposal Ady An never saw coming when her Hong Kong multimillionaire boyfriend Chen Ronglian paid her a surprise visit at her work site in November last year. 

He popped the question in a hotel by presenting her a ring fashioned out of a straw’s paper packaging, which explained Ady’s initial disbelief. It was like what happened in movies and she was stunned, a rep shared.

The 35-year-old repeatedly asked him – when he went down on one knee and asked her to marry him – “Is this for real? Are you sure?”

She said yes only after her boyfriend assured her that he was serious about it.


After the proposal, Ronglian commissioned famed jewellery designer Cindy Chao to craft a bejewelled replica of his paper ring, making it a one of a kind sparkler. 

According to Taiwanese reports, the couple will hold two wedding banquets in Taiwan and Hawaii. Their wedding at the islands of aloha will be an intimate celebration and Taiwanese actresses Joe Chen, Kimi Hsiao and Esther Liu will be part of her bridal squad.

Ady announced her marriage to Ronglian, after two years of dating, on Weibo earlier this week.

Photos: PBE Media

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