Ady An reveals wedding invitations

The actress will tie the knot next month


Looks like preparations for Taiwanese actress Ady An’s island wedding in June are well underway.

Last Sunday, close friends and family of Ady and her husband-to-be, businessman Chen Ronglian received the online wedding invitations sent out by the lovebirds, which had a special twist to them.

On the first page, a logo made up of the couple’s initials featured prominently, above a picture of Ady and Ronglian posting a number of postcards into a Doraemon themed post box.

After opening the wedding invitation, a drawing of Ady’s favourite cartoon character, Doraemon welcomed the guest, along with the words “Kiss me to open,” in both Mandarin and English. The guest will then have to kiss their screens in order to proceed to the next page.

A number of guests shared that they were initially stuck at that screen, as they swiped their fingers back and forth in vain. They later realised that they had to either kiss the screen, or use two fingers to tap the screen to imitate a pair of lips.


More details of the couple’s big day were shown on the next few pages, along with a number of pictures from their wedding photoshoot overseas. Newer pictures of Ady in a black gown that she had personally picked out, and Ronglian in a white suit featured on the last page. The entire ceremony is said to be planned together by Ady and Ronglian. Females guests were requested to turn out in pastel macaroon colours, while male guests were requested to wear neutral earth-toned colours.

Ady announced her flash marriage to her boyfriend of two years, Hong Kong multimillionaire Chen Ronglian last month (March 15), shocking fans with the sudden news.


Photos: PBE Media

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