Ady An’s husband didn’t have a good first impression of her

And according to the actress, the feeling was mutual


The road to love was a rocky one for Taiwanese actress Ady An and her businessman husband, Chen Ronglian.

In a recent interview, the 36-year-old revealed more details about their relationship, and how the couple first met.

According to Ady, when she first saw Ronglian, she could not care less about him. As for Ronglian, he left their first meeting with a bad taste in his mouth due to Ady’s cold attitude. Later, when the couple crossed paths for the second time, Ronglian began pursing Ady in earnest.

However, Ady felt that the businessman was not truly attracted to her, and that he only wanted to score a celebrity girlfriend. The actress also did not want to be known as one of the many female celebrities who had tied the knot with rich businessmen, thus, she rejected him.

After the duo got closer together, Ady realised that their views on love and relationships were exceedingly similar.

“He was willing to spend his most precious asset, time, to be with me,” Ady shared, adding that that was the one thing that touched her heart. Additionally, the lovebirds both preferred to keep a low profile, which was why their relationship was only revealed after they got hitched.


The actress also shared that after getting into a relationship, she started reducing her workload, as she doesn’t want to be apart from her husband for too long, describing herself as a “tiger that has become a cat.”

Ady also let on that Ronglian once drove from Macau to Guangzhou in the middle of the night just to deliver medicine for her flu, causing her to laugh that she has “married the correct man.”

The 36-year-old revealed more details about her June wedding, sharing that as they both like the sun, they’re planning to hold it on an island. After the island ceremony, they will return to Taiwan to hold another banquet. However, she declined to share more details about her bridesmaids.

Ady also affirmed that the couple has no plans to start a family, and that they have yet to decide on a honeymoon location.

Finally, when asked if Ady felt disappointed that her good friend, Taiwanese singer-actor Shone An, who passed on in 2015 due to liver cancer, is unable to attend her wedding, the actress replied, “I don’t feel sad, because [I know] that he’ll definitely attend. He really likes my husband, and [Shone] approves of him.”

Ady announced her flash marriage to her boyfriend of two years, Hong Kong multimillionaire Chen Ronglian last month (March 15), shocking fans with the sudden news.

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