Ady An to hold a destination wedding

The actress shared more about her upcoming nuptials in June


Taiwanese actress Ady An announced her flash marriage to her boyfriend of two years, Hong Kong multimillionaire Chen Ronglian last month (March 15), shocking fans with the sudden news.

The 36-year-old shared more about her wedding plans at her first public appearance since going public about her engagement,

When asked about her husband, Ady laughed shyly, and revealed that they are currently planning to hold a destination wedding on an island in June.

Though rumours have already popped up alleging that the couple plans to hold their wedding ceremony in Hawaii, America, Ady denied the reports, laughing that they are still undecided. She also jokingly chiding rumourmongers for “making the decision for me.”

According to Ady, the lovebirds’ big day will be an intimate affair, with around 200 guests invited. She also expressed her wish for a relaxed ceremony, as her husband is not from the entertainment industry and is not used to facing the media.

When the topic moved on to her bridesmaids, the actress shared that she currently has around 20 candidates in mind for her bridal party and she will “try to bring the numbers down.”

Finally, Ady, who turned up in a sleek white gown, refuted rumours of a shotgun marriage, and shared that she will “let nature proceed it’s course” when it comes to starting a family.

Photos: PBE Media

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