Aimee Chan films running scenes not knowing she’s pregnant

Actress stars in Chapman To’s Let’s Eat! while carrying her third child


Photos: Dion Tang, Aimee Chan via Weibo, TPG
Video: Tay Yixuan

Under first-time director Chapman To’s orders, Hong Kong TVB actress Aimee Chan, 34, filmed two running scenes for his latest movie, Let’s Eat!, not knowing she was expecting her third child.

“Chapman told me to sprint, and because he needed the scene shot from different angles, I ran through many streets,” she said yesterday at the press conference for the actor–director’s Chinese New Year food-themed comedy.

“I felt nauseous after the run, which I couldn’t figure out. Before filming began I was spending three hours a day at the gym because Chapman told me to lose some weight, and I was fine.”


The actress is now 6 months pregnant and due in late April or early May, but she still insisted on making her appearance wearing 5-inch heels, which made everyone worry for her and her baby bump.

Even though it made her nauseous every now and then, being pregnant didn’t sap Aimee’s strength completely. The actress was still fit enough to deliver a slap that dislocated Chapman’s jaw during filming.

“My mouth went crooked, but what else could I do?” Chapman said of the ordeal. “So I pushed my jaw back in with my hands, and we went on shooting.”

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