Aimee Chan shares photos of her 1-month-old daughter

The actress also revealed that her daughter currently tips the scales at around 5.5kg


Proud parents of three, Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan and actor Moses Chan, have shared photos of their newest addition to their family, daughter Camilla on Weibo.

The 35-year-old, who has been secretive about the gender of her third child, gave birth to Camilla late last month. Recently, the family celebrated Camilla’s full moon anniversary, with Aimee posting a number of pictures of the 1-month-old’s from a photoshoot.

The pictures, which were taken 10 days after Camilla’s birth, showed the baby deep in slumber, with a baby pink headband and tutu skirt on, led fans to exclaim at her cuteness, and to share even more pictures of her.

In Aimee’s caption, she commemorated Camilla’s full moon anniversary, writing, “The princess in our family’s full moon anniversary [is today]! Happy Birthday to our lovely Camilla! We love you soooo much!”


The actress also revealed that Camilla first weighed 8 pounds (approximately 3.6kg) at the time of her birth, before increasing to 9.5 pounds (approximately 4.3kg) after a week. Now, the 1-month-old is estimated to weigh 12 pounds (approximately 5.5 kg).

The 35-year-old then showed her love for her daughter by poking fun at the little one, writing, “Should I start calling my little princess my little piggy?”

Additionally, the mother-of-three also shared that she was initially worried that she would give birth in the car, on the way to the hospital, as the time taken for her to deliver would be shorter and faster. The worried mother even went online to research and gather more information to ensure that she will be prepared if she had to give birth in the car, though she “didn’t need those resources in the end, luckily”.


Photos: PBE Media

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