Alex To wants to have 2 kids in 3 years

“We’re currently working really hard, very hard now,” said Alex To


55-year-old Alex To has grand plans to have two children in a span of three years. After four years of marriage to filmmaker Ice Lee, he finally became a dad and welcomed his first son, Alex Junior (AJ), in October last year.

At an event yesterday, the Hong Kong singer-actor was basking in the joy of fatherhood as he shared stories about his eight-month-old son. He smiled as he spoke about how Alex is starting to babble, and said, “[He] said baba (daddy in English) first, he’s really smart [and] he knows that daddy needs to go out and make money.”

Alex also shared that he’s starting to feel the “pressure” of raising a child when he shared his opinion on early childhood education. “A lot of friends have told me to find a good school for my son, I feel that the Hong Kong education system makes life difficult for parents [because], for example, kids in Germany don’t attend school until they turn 6 years old,” he said.

Despite his concerns about picking the right school for AJ, Alex added that he does not intend to send AJ to a school overseas and has no wish to “school him at such a young age.”

Alex’s face lightened up when the topic veered to his plans to have a second child. “Of course [we plan to have a second child], and we’re currently working really hard, very hard now. We’ll share once there’s any good news, [we hope] to have two kids in three years.”

Maybe all Alex needs to do is make another trip to Singapore with his wife for some “baby luck.”

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