Alien Huang: I’m honoured to be part of Rainie Yang’s youth

Rainie Yang is the only ex-girlfriend Alien Huang is still in contact with


Taiwanese singer Alien Huang attended ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang’s ‘Youth Lies Within’ World Tour concert at Taipei Arena last year (Dec 16). Singing praises of the 33-year-old singer, Alien confessed that he felt honoured to be part of Rainie’s youth, and revealed that she is the only ex-girlfriend he still maintains contact with.

The pair dated for three years while attending the same high school, HuaGang High School of Performing Arts, and broke up when Rainie entered the entertainment industry. He revealed that Rainie had aspired to be a great performer and singer since then, and would often practice hard for every single performance she had at work or in school.

“She really did it now,” the 34-year-old singer mused.


Alien is currently promoting his latest album titled Human, and will be performing on February 24 at Legacy Taipei. The singer shared that he is “being himself” in his latest album and will continue striving to become the best version of himself.

While performing at Taipei Arena is still his ultimate dream, Alien shared that he has learned how to be satisfied with what he has.

“I used to feel inferior because I didn’t get the chance to perform there,” he said. “However nowadays, I feel satisfied with having a stage to perform.” The singer added that although he no longer feels that way, he still aspires to perform at Taipei Arena one day.

Photo: PBE Media

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