Alyssa Chia criticised for “being disrespectful”

Veteran producer Chou Yo had lambasted Alyssa for not attending her wedding


Taiwanese veteran television producer, Chou Yo, held her second wedding ceremony on Monday (October 8). According to Taiwanese media, Chou Yo had invited the cast members of the 2001 drama, Fei Lung Zai Tian, including Taiwanese actor Eric Huang and Nic Jiang, as well as Taiwanese actresses Angel Han and Alyssa Chia to attend the wedding as part of her wedding entourage. 

Chou Yo shared that she had initially made a phone call to Alyssa’s mother, but her invitation was eventually rejected by Alyssa’s manager, who shared that the actress had another work engagement on that day. The rejection angered Chou Yo immensely, who deemed Alyssa as a “disrespectful" person with "no manners”.


On the day of Chou Yo’s wedding, Alyssa and her brother made an appearance at a promotional event for their family’s newly-created sesame noodle product, where she was asked about Chou Yo’s remarks.

“She's our best senior, as juniors, whatever she says is the truth,” Alyssa responded.

The actress then went on to explain that she had personally told Chou Yo earlier that she had a conflicting work schedule. “She understood, (but), the older generation, as you know, are more emotional. She really hoped that everyone around her could give her their blessings. For wedding blessings, other than being present in person, sincerity is a form of showing one’s blessing as well,” she said.

In other unrelated news, Alyssa denied the news of a November wedding ceremony with her husband, Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, saying, “My wedding has been fully planned out by you guys, I have nothing else to say. If there’s news, I’ll let everyone know immediately.”

Photos: PBE Media

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