Alyssa Chia denies treating her two daughters differently

The actress reveals why she rarely posts pictures of her older daughter


Alyssa Chia posted on Facebook yesterday and revealed that netizens have been leaving comments on her posts and saying that she was biased towards her younger daughter, nicknamed Bubu. In her post, the actress revealed that her older daughter had asked her why she does not post pictures of her online and explained the reason behind it.

Angelina is Alyssa’s daughter from her first marriage to businessman Sun Zhihao. The ex-couple divorced after four years, and were caught in a custody battle over the 10-year-old after that, with Alyssa eventually getting full custody of her kid.

The actress registered her marriage with actor Xiu Jiekai in 2015, with their daughter, Bubu, born in the same year. The trio are currently filming for the new family variety show Super Mom and are said to be very loving to each other. The staff of Super Mom even commented that it seemed as if the duo were filming an idol drama instead of a variety show.

However, in contrast to Bubu, who is filming Super Mom with the couple and is often featured on Alyssa’s social media, fans have never seen Angelina’s full face as the actress always covers the 10-year-old’s face with stickers before posting it.


In her Facebook post, Alyssa revealed that the reason behind her ‘biased behaviour’ was because of a divorce agreement she had with her ex-husband.

As the actress did not want to lose custody of Angelina, the actress had agreed to two ‘harsh terms’ set out by Zhihao. The first term states that Alyssa cannot bring Angelina to promotional events and television shows and the second term states that the actress cannot leave the country for overseas filming for more than five days, or she will face legal action.

Alyssa then ended her post with a heartfelt confession to her daughter, “Angelina, in my heart, you will always be Mum’s irreplaceable darling. Because of you, Bubu is the luckiest little sister in the world.”

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