Alyssa Chia: I won’t have any more children

The actress is currently pregnant with her third daughter

Alyssa Chia: I won’t have any more children

Alyssa Chia has declared that her third daughter, whom she is currently pregnant with, will be her last child, despite the joke she made on her announcement post in Facebook which depicted Bubu joking about wanting five siblings.

During her first pregnancy, Alyssa gained 9 kilograms, which she managed to lose within three months of giving birth. This time around, she has lost 2 kilograms four months along in her pregnancy. In response to concerns of her weight loss, she assured, “I’ve been working quite a bit but I’m perfectly healthy.”

Traditional Chinese beliefs state that you should only announce your pregnancy after the first trimester. However, the 41-year-old waited a month later to share the good news, which she explained with, “We’re more traditional and only decided to mention it at a suitable time when (the pregnancy) was more stable.”

With three girls in the family, Alyssa was also asked if her husband wanted a son instead. She shared that Jie Kai was elated when he found out that he would have another daughter, and that both of them have no preference in the gender of their baby. “Dads tend to like daughters more because they stick to their fathers more, so he’s very happy,” the actress mused.

Through her manager, she also declared that “my three children are limited edition, I won’t have any more children after this!” Her management also shared that Alyssa will continue working despite her pregnancy but will lessen her workload when necessary.

Alyssa gave birth to Bubu, her first child with actor Xiu Jie Kai, in August 2015 and has 10-year-old Angelina from her first marriage to businessman Sun Zhihao.

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