Alyssa Chia shows off new family portraits

The actress had a photoshoot with her husband and daughters

alyssa chia

Taiwanese actors Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai have two daughters together, 2-year-old Bubu as well as Bobo, who was just born this March. Alyssa also has another daughter, Angelina, from her previous marriage.

The couple recently brought the whole family of five to take some family portraits which Alyssa proudly showed off on Facebook yesterday.

“It is fate that brought us together as a family and I feel really blessed that I have my daughters here with me,” captioned the actress.

The first picture was of Alyssa and her three daughters, with all of them wearing flower crowns on their heads and smiling into the camera. They were also dressed in white wedding dresses. As usual, Angelina had an emoji added to her face, this time in the form of sunglasses, as Alyssa’s contract with her ex-husband stated that she was not allowed to post pictures of Angelina’s face on the internet. 

The next picture showed both Alyssa and Jie Kai sitting down holding both Bobo and Bubu, in a small white room. Alyssa and Angelina were the stars of the last photo, where they held hands and blew kisses towards each other, showing the tight bond between mother and daughter.

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Alyssa and Jie Kai registered their marriage in 2015 and the couple are set to appear in the fourth season of the outdoor race-themed reality programme, The Amazing Race China.

Photos: PBE Media

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