Alyssa Chia to return for ‘Super Mom 3’?

Fans are raring to see the Taiwanese actress return to the Chinese reality TV series with Bubu and Bobo

Since Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia and her 2-year-old daughter Bubu (then 5 months old) starred in Chinese reality TV series Super Mom in 2016, the duo’s popularity soared and Bubu was even dubbed the ‘Youngest Internet Celebrity’ after receiving multiple endorsement offers.

Now, with the third season of Super Mom set to debut on March 22, fans of the family are speculating that the 43-year-old actress will be featured in the show again, this time with her youngest daughter as well, 11-month-old Bobo, who will be turning 1 this March.

The speculations began when Super Mom’s official Weibo released four teaser posters of the mothers who will be helming the new season, with one of the posters appearing to hint at Alyssa’s return on the show.

In the poster, the actress was holding a book that read “Guide B by the queen of happiness” and covering part of her face. Other words on the poster also read, “if there was a mould for happiness” and “ageing backwards”.

As Alyssa had released her successful autobiography titled ‘Slow Down if You Want To Find Happiness’ earlier this year, where she wrote about her experience with finding happiness, many netizens drew the link between the two and speculated that the actress will be returning to the show.

The other three mothers who will star on the show are rumoured to be Chinese actress Huo Si Yan, Huang Sheng Yi and Deng Sha.

Besides Bubu and Bobo whom she had with her husband, Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, Alyssa also has one teenage daughter Angelina, whom she had with her ex-husband Sun Zihao.

Photo: PBE Media

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