Alyssa Chia, Xiu Jie Kai to take part in reality show together

The mother-of-three is raring to return to work three months after giving birth


Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia will be teaming up with her husband, Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai and making her grand return to showbiz three months after giving birth.

The couple turned up at a press conference for an outdoor race-themed reality programme in Beijing, China yesterday, where it was announced that the lovebirds will be contestants on the show.

Jie Kai shared that initially, he was hesitant about Alyssa’s involvement in the show, as she had just given birth three months ago, and he was worried that she’d be unable to handle the physical strain.

However, Alyssa, who had always wanted to appear on a show like this from a young age, was very interested in the premise of the show, and wanted to grab hold of the opportunity given to her.  Eventually, the two reached a compromise, with Jie Kai promising to protect Alyssa during the course of filming.


At the press conference, Alyssa shared that she was confident that she is strong enough to survive on the show, and even revealed her “secret weapon” – a pair of gold housefly earrings that are her lucky charm.

As Alyssa and Xiu Jie Kai will be jetting off to Northern Europe for the show shortly after the press conference, they shared that they made sure to constantly communicate with Bubu, their daughter who will turn 2 in August, to make sure she understands why both her parents will be leaving her side for a period of time.

Alyssa and Jiekai welcomed their first child, Bubu, in 2015, and their second child, Bobo in 2017. Alyssa was previously married to Sun Zihao with whom she had her first daughter, Angelina.

Photos: PBE Media

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