Andy Lau can finally ‘run and jump’ again

Hong Kong actor Andy Lau confirms that he has 100 percent recovered from his injuries

Andy Lau can finally ‘run and jump’ again

Early this year, Andy Lau fell off a horse while shooting a commercial but has since returned for the promotions of his new movie, The Adventurers, and even confirmed his recovery by doing a little trot up the stage.

The Adventurers, which is set to premiere in August, held its press conference in Beijing on Tuesday (Aug 8), with Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Tony Yang, French movie star Jean Reno as well as director Stephen Fung present. Andy, who has been able to walk since May, wowed the crowd as he showed he could even run now.

The 55-year-old spent the first half of this year recovering from an injured spine and fractured pelvic bone and was said to have fully recovered in May but confirmed this with the public’s own eyes when he showed up and walked without assistance. He gave a laugh after the attention from the crowd over his run, saying, “I’m fine, but I’m so sorry that I had everyone worried over the past half a year but you can now relax knowing that I can finally run and jump again.”

Andy was accompanied by wife Carol Chu during this trip as she was worried about him being alone and wanted to be there to care for him. To protect her from getting harassed by the media or fans, he said that he had specially arranged a private flight for her to avoid such situations.

Shu Qi and Stephen’s relationship was put in the spotlight during the press conference as it was the couple’s first public appearance together, as husband and wife, after getting married in September. Their intimate interactions on stage showcased both husband and wife’s chemistry.

Photos: PBE Media

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