Andy Lau makes triumphant return with ‘My Love’

The music single marks his first musical release in eight years

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Heavenly King Andy Lau is back, and better than ever in the music video for his new single, ‘My Love’.

The 57-year-old had been severely injured after falling off a horse in Thailand during a commercial shoot in January 2017. Since then, the singer-actor has made leaps and bounds in the recovery process, returning to work a mere seven months after the mishap. 

To cap off the year, Andy had announced a concert world tour, titled ‘My Love Andy Lau World Tour’, which will kick off in December this year. The concert has been well-received by his fans and the public. Demand for tickets took an unexpected turn during the launch, when a Chinese man, who was queueing for tickets, was stabbed by four suspected triad members.


Recently, Andy released the music video for his first musical release in eight years, titled ‘My Love’.The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal was rented out for the shoot, which featured 250 actors. 

Directed by the director of the 2017 crime flick, Chasing the Dragon, all details of the music video was carefully crafted, from the backdrop, to the choreography.


The music video tells the story of an elderly couple who decides to tie the knot, with the encouragement and support of their respective children. Andy plays the son of the groom in the video, which also features professional dancers, and members of Andy’s fan club as extras.

Andy also shared the message behind the video, expressing his wish, to tell everyone that, “if you wish to love, then go ahead. Treasure the present.” He also shared that the driving force behind his dedication and determination over the past 30 years has been one thing — love.

Photos: PBE Media

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