Andy Lau records video message for new film

The singer-actor looked to be in good shape


Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau is well on the road to recovery, with latest reports stating that the Heavenly King is now able to stand up, with the help of a walking stick.

However, Andy was unable to make an appearance at the gala premiere of his latest movie, Shock Wave, on Wednesday (April 19).  But, right before the movie started playing, a voice message from Andy began playing, to the surprise of the audience.

“Hello everyone, I am Cheung Choi-san, the superintendent of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (Andy’s role in the movie). Something unexpected happened to me today, and I am unable to make it to the theatre today. But, we have our [bureau’s] number two in command as well our top worker at the scene to handle the crisis,” Andy said, taking on the role of his character.


Andy also had another surprise up his sleeve for everyone present that day. Right when the voice recording ended, a video of the Heavenly King himself began playing.

In the video, Andy, who is sitting in a wheelchair, greeted everyone happily, and thanked everyone for their support in “helping to solve the crisis at the venue.”

He also shared that it is not up to him to decide when to make his comeback, but God.

“So, it must be that God wants me to rest for another promotional cycle, in the hopes that I can energetically greet everyone once again,” Andy concluded. He then thanked all the cast members of the movie, as well as the production crew, joking that they will “replace me in the future and use their lives to protect mine.”

Finally, he promised everyone one last thing, “I will quickly return [to the public’s eye] soon, running and laughing just like before.”

Earlier this year, Andy Lau fell off a horse while filming a commercial in Thailand and suffered serious injuries as a result. After spending close to two months recuperating in a hospital, the Heavenly King was officially discharged on March 10.

Photos: PBE Media

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