Angela Chang returns to the music scene

The singer was a guest star on a singing programme, which features other notable celebrities

angela chang

Chinese singing show Mask Singer China 2 recently aired the first episode of its second season on Sept 3. The show invites different celebrities to guest star on the programme to showcase their singing abilities, whilst being heavily disguised with masks and outfits so that only their singing skills would be the sole factor in deciding victory.

Taiwanese singer Angela Chang made a rare appearance on the show having been embroiled in different controversies since 2009. She had a public falling-out with her mother over financial matters and did not continue her contract with then-label Linfair Records, hindering her career development and affecting her reputation.

The singer used the identity of “The Iron Lady” on the show and wholeheartedly performed her version of Sun Nan’s ‘Ever Loved Me or Not,’ where fans could immediately tell it was her once they heard her voice.  

Chinese singer and judge, Eric Moo commented that her voice had gone through serious training throughout the years and even wondered if she herself was questioning why she chose that song.

After receiving this feedback, Angela replied that she chose it as the song portrayed her life. However, she also added that despite all the obstacles, “she would not know the true meaning of life if she had not experienced failure or pain.”

Another contestant present was fellow singer Christine Fan, who dressed up as Big Hero 6’s “Baymax”. Christine and Angela were previously from the same company and there were rumours that the two fell out due to competition for the same resources from the company. It seemed like the feud was still ongoing as the pair had zero interactions on stage.


To fuel the situation, when Angela was asked what she would never dress up as, she bluntly pointed to Christine’s outfit and even added that she felt her own dressing was the best. 

Christine, on the other hand, remained civil and chose to respond by simply saying that “Angela’s voice was very outstanding and unique.”

She felt that having “her children see her performing as Baymax and remembering her as that character” was more important.

Another masked singer who claimed to have “no friends due to him being too handsome” had previously been speculated by many to be Singaporean singer JJ Lin but the revelation of his identity came as a shock to many.

The mysterious person first performed an individual act by singing “A Little Happiness” by S.H.E’s Hebe Tien before proceeding to sing a duet with Angela. After his performances, even the judges heard the resemblance to JJ’s voice and concluded that it was no doubt indeed the Singaporean singer.

However, many were surprised when he was revealed to be an ordinary contestant, going by the name of Cai Zongjiang. What made it more surprisingly was that Mask Singer China had previously only invited celebrities to participate in the show, making Cai Zongjiang the first “amateur” contestant.

This was his second reality show appearance following his participation on Hidden Singer last year, where he was eliminated in the first round.

Photos: PBE Media

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