Angelababy is not starring in ‘Princess Agents’ sequel

Angelababy’s work studio debunks rumours about actress’ participation in the sequel of ‘Princess Agents’

Angelababy is not starring in ‘Princess Agents’ sequel

Reviews are mixed about hit Chinese drama series Princess Agents, which premiered in June this year and concluded its run on TV last week. The 58-episode series, starring Chinese actors Zanila Zhao (or Zhao Liying) and Lin Gengxin, ended with a cliffhanger which saw both male and female leads falling into a lake, leaving what happened after a mystery. The lack of answers about their fates saw many fans requesting for a second season.

The decision of a sequel has not been confirmed by the production company, but that did not stop fans from speculating about a second season. Rumour has it that Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy is tipped to take over Zanila’s role as the main character of the series or Chinese actress Li Xin’s role as Princess Yuan Chun, and fans of TV series expressed unhappiness with Angelababy’s possible participation in the sequel.

Angelababy is not starring in ‘Princess Agents’ sequel

To allay fans’ concerns, Angelababy’s work studio has stepped forth to clarify about the rumours. On their official Weibo account, they refuted everything being said online regarding AngelaBaby’s appearance in the sequel of Princess Agents. The agency also claimed that they had no idea how these rumours started and hoped that everyone would stop spreading these baseless reports. 

Angelababy welcomed her first child with Huang Xiaoming in January and has been busy looking after him. The 29-year-old is currently preparing for her upcoming drama, Entrepreneurial Age, and is in the current season of Chinese variety show, Keep Running.

Watch past episodes of Keep Running on Toggle.

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