Angelababy returns to ‘Keep Running’

The Chinese model rejoins her cast members after giving birth

Chinese variety show Keep Running will return to television this month for their sixth season, and the production team unveiled a brand new poster on Weibo yesterday (Apr 9).

In the poster, all seven hosts from the original line up were present, including Chinese model Angelababy, who had pulled out from the fifth season of the show as she was pregnant at that time.

With Angelababy officially back on the show, fans are hyped to see the chemistry between the cast members again, including the model’s interactions with her “Friday partner” Chinese actor Zheng Kai. Other popular pairings also include “Oldies duo” Chinese actors Deng Chao and Li Chen, and “Foodie pair” Chinese actor Chen He and Chinese singer Luhan, among others.

Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat replaced Angelababy in the fifth season, and previously announced that she will be withdrawing from the sixth season due to conflicts in schedule.

When she left, Keep Running production crew prepared a photobook for her, and Deng Chao and Angelababy also dedicated heartwarming farewell messages to her, debunking rumours that the actress was removed to make way for Angelababy in the sixth season.

Photo: PBE Media

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