Angelababy’s ‘aunty’ personality revealed

An employee of her work studio disclosed what the actress was really like


Chinese actress Angelababy recently ranked 8th in a list of the 100 highest earning celebrities in China for 2016, with an income of RMB 147 million (approximately S$29.9 million). However, employees from her work studio have revealed that the actress was actually a very frugal person and would save money whenever possible.

While Angelababy was off work during the Mid-Autumn festival yesterday, one of her employee’s shared a page of his logbook titled “things you didn’t know about Angelababy” on Weibo with several fans, and even urged them not to tell her.

The contents of the book talked about a filming session where the crew were discussing about their online purchases, specifically, socks. Upon hearing that her co-workers spent RMB 10 (approximately S$2) on a pair of socks, the actress claimed that they were too “expensive” and proudly said that hers only cost RMB 6 (approximately S$1) but were still very comfortable.

She also added on that she would wait for discounts to buy basic necessities such as toilet paper.

Another employee shared that the 28-year-old actress gave everyone a good laugh when she revealed that she had rushed to a huge sale after “suddenly disappearing” from their sight last year.

“Someone bought the exact same items as me but they paid more,” said the actress.

Angelababy recently welcomed a son in January, nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’ with her husband Huang Xiaoming. The new mother has not stopped taking up projects after his birth, and is currently filming for the upcoming drama Entrepreneurial Age which will premiere in 2018.

Photo: PBE Media

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