Angelababy wants a daughter

The Chinese actress wants her second child to be a girl


Chinese actress Angelababy tied the knot with Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming in a fairytale wedding in Shanghai in 2015, and welcomed their first child nicknamed “Little Sponge” in January last year (Jan 16).

According to Chinese media reports, the 28-year-old actress attended a Chinese New Year event in Hong Kong on February 7 dressed in a festive red dress, and shared in an interview that she plans to give birth to a daughter next.

Angelababy revealed that “Little Sponge” is more reliant on her and believed that a daughter will grow to be more reliant on her father instead. “He [Xiaoming] really likes daughters. I must give birth to one after a few years,” the actress expressed.

The young mother previously appeared shy when sharing her thoughts about expanding her brood, and shared that will only give birth after “resting for a while” because there is a “long road ahead of her”.

The actress shared that “Little Sponge” is starting to talk and is able to make out the sounds “bed bed” and “mak mak” when trying to call for them. She also revealed that the 1-year-old is sociable and extroverted “like his father”, because he will respond to strangers when they are out in public.

Although “Little Sponge” just turned 1 last month, Angelababy said she is already keeping an eye out for suitable kindergarten schools.

Xiaoming and Angelababy are known to be very protective of their son, and has not once revealed his face to the public since his birth. Last November, Xiaoming even slammed paparazzi on his personal Weibo account for publicising a picture of “Little Sponge”, accusing them of having “no conscience”.

Photo: PBE Media

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