Anita Yuen calls husband Julian Cheung and Aaron Kwok “rubbish”

The actress said that this was the result of her sharp tongue


Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen has recently revealed that she occasionally does not watch her words and that even her husband Julian Cheung is afraid of her.

On an episode of Hong Kong variety programme Number One Friend, she called both Julian and singer Aaron Kwok “rubbish” and revealed that they were in a group of “four rubbish players who love to play cards” which comprises of the two of them, Shen Jiawei, and another mutual friend.

“Why do I call them rubbish? Because they continue playing even though they are not good at the games! Julian and Aaron even meet up consecutively on back-to-back days just to play, now tell me that that is not just a waste of time?” remarked the actress.

The 45-year-old also added that other than her tendency to let her tongue slip, she is also sometimes very oblivious as evident from her cluelessness as to why fellow actor Jackie Chan was previously so angry at her. She joked that her co-stars had to often warn her to watch her behaviour but claimed that she could not help it as her “mouth always moves faster than her brain”.

After understanding her personality, Julian realised that he was no match for her and could only nudge her if she was on the verge of saying anything inappropriate to the media.

Anita and Julian got married in 2001 and have a 9-year-old son, Morton, together. The couple is known for being a loving pair in the entertainment industry and can often be seen showing affection to one another.

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