Anita Yuen commends Aaron Kwok for being a good father

The actress revealed that Aaron dedicates more time to his family nowadays

Aaron Kwok 1

Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen has praised fellow actor Aaron Kwok for always placing his newborn daughter as his first priority, but said that this has made it difficult for others to make plans to meet him.

The actress said that after welcoming his daughter last Friday (Sep 22), Aaron has rarely been seen in public as he was always “busy at home with his wife and daughter.”

Anita also expressed that she had not met Aaron’s daughter as his wife, model Moka Fang, was still adjusting to motherhood and getting her much needed rest after the delivery. The 46-year-old actress considerately said that she only plans to visit after everyone has been accustomed to their new lifestyles.

Anita also mentioned that she “would not mind” being godmother to Aaron’s daughter, if he “allowed it.” She added that she loved children and would not hesitate to help the actor look after his child if he needed assistance, following her 11 years of experience in raising her son, Morton Cheung.

Anita recently attended the ‘Welcoming the Mid-Autumn festival with Love’ event organised by the Shirley Cheung Charity Foundation yesterday. The event was in celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival next Wednesday (Oct 4).

Photo: PBE Media

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