Anita Yuen explains for angry face in son’s Facebook video

Hong Kong actress says she caught her husband Julian Cheung and son conversing in English


Hong Kong actors Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung were in the news recently for being in close proximity when the London Bridge terror attacks took place last weekend.

The celebrity couple were in England with their 11-year-old son Morton Cheung for the UEFA Champions League. At a recent event, Anita shared about her family’s personal experience in London, saying, “The train stations were packed, tensions were running high and [we were] a little scared although we pretended to be calm; [I] hope no one gets hurt again in future.”

The 45-year-old also added that she will continue to travel to the country, as long as her son wants to visit it again.

“England is a culturally-rich country, if my son requests to visit again, I will not avoid [the country] and bring him with me, but I will be careful,” she added.

While the family of three were in England, Julian and Morton interacted with fans via Facebook LIVE video and in one such video, Anita was seen speaking angrily with Morton as she told him to converse in Mandarin instead.

Explaining for her heated reaction, Anita said, “That’s because both father and son have been engrossed with their phones since they woke up for breakfast and even discussed about what they’d do during the LIVE stream, and I don’t approve of it.”

Additionally, she shared that as Morton has a weaker command of the Chinese language as he is currently schooling in an international school, and she wants him to practice speaking the language to improve his fluency in Mandarin.

Anita shared that she and Julian have differing views pertaining to their child’s education, and quipped, “He actually allowed him to speak in English, I really wanted to smack him.”

Despite her worries in Morton’s weak grasp in Mandarin, Anita does not regret her decision to school in in an international school. The mother of one confessed that she is a “straightforward” person with a “bad temper” and will reflect on herself.

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