Anita Yuen gives her son relationship advice

The actress advised him that heartbreak was part and parcel of life

Anita Yuen

Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen displayed her good parenting skills by providing her 11-year-old son, Morton, with words of advice on how to deal with heartbreak.

Anita made an appearance for a charity event in Hong Kong and shared how Morton seemed down in recent days. It was only after checking in on him did she find out that he was upset over his crush, who had left Hong Kong suddenly.

As Morton was currently studying in an international school, there were many students from different countries who would attend his school temporarily for one or two years before going back to their home country. It appears that Morton’s crush was one of those students who took off abruptly, leaving him heartbroken over her departure.

Being the understanding mother she was, Anita did not reprimand him for not focusing on his studies but instead, worked with him to get through this tough time. 

“Some girls might leave you without providing a reason, so you’ve got to face the reality that it’s part of life and not to take it too personally. Your perfect match will appear one day but it might not be so quickly, so you need to learn how to cope with the heartache you might face before meeting her,” Anita advised.

She also shared her various experiences of relationships with her son and told him that if he “really liked a girl, he should be the first to apologise even if he was not in the wrong.” However, she also said that “if he did not really like the girl, he should just say ‘okay’ and not drag the relationship out.”


Anita has been married to fellow actor Julian Cheung since 2001 and they recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in February.

Photos: PBE Media

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