Anita Yuen’s son was unaware of her real career

The actress only revealed her job as an actor after being called to the principal’s office


Hong Kong actors Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung have one child together, an 11-year-old son, Morton. In an episode of Number One Friend, Anita revealed that it was only until recently that he discovered what his parents’ careers were.

This was because both parents have not talked about their jobs with Morton in the past. It was only until he told the principal that his father was a policeman who recently switched careers to become a sushi seller that prompted the principal to request to meet his parents as he felt that “their family was problematic.”

After Morton knew the truth about him having actor parents, he took the news very well and even cheekily asked why they had not brought him along for special events.

“I used to be a horrible parent in the past. I would organise several extra-curricular talent classes for Morton last time but after someone asked what fun activities he liked to do, did I realise he should have a happy childhood so I decided to cut him some slack,” responded Anita after she was praised by the host for being a good parent.

The actress also said that because the couple were often working in China, they spent very little time with Morton and he was unhappy as a result of it. Therefore, they have decided to reduce their workload and take more time off to be with their son.

Julian and Anita celebrated their 16th anniversary just this February.

Photo: PBE Media

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