Annie Yi, 47, wants to try for a third child

The singer just gave birth to her second child in July this year

Annie Yi, 47, wants to try for a third child

Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi gave birth to her second child this July at the age of 47 years old and recently expressed her desire to expand her brood with Chinese actor Qin Hao.

The couple welcomed their first daughter Milly Qin, nicknamed Little Rice Grain, in July. Despite being at risk of suffering from pre-eclampsia (a pregnancy condition that results in a sudden rise in blood pressure), Annie successfully carried Milly to full term and gave birth with no further complications.

Despite the difficulties and risks involved, she is still hopeful of getting pregnant again. “Having Milly is already a miracle, but I love children, so I really want another baby, but I think the chances would be very low. I will strive to try again after my body recovers [from labour],” Annie wrote in a post on Weibo yesterday.

The youthful mother also advised young women to ensure that they are mature enough before they decide on having a child.

“Please do not decide that you don’t want it when it is already growing in your womb, and don’t hurt your baby even after delivery, I really envy those of you who are able to get pregnant when you decide to,” she implored.

Annie also has a 13 year-old son, Harrison Yu, from her first marriage with Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu. She tied the knot with Qin Hao, who is 10 years her junior, six years after her divorce.

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