Ashin dismisses proposal rumours

The singer was initially said to have plans to propose to his assistant and rumoured girlfriend of two years on his birthday yesterday


Taiwanese band Mayday’s ‘Life World Tour’ concert at the Hongkou Football Stadium in Shanghai yesterday (Dec 6) gained more public attention than usual, and not simply because it was vocalist Ashin’s 42nd birthday.

It was because of rumours that surfaced on various Weibo accounts claiming that he was going to propose to his assistant and alleged girlfriend of two years, nicknamed “Cousin.”

Speculations first began to arise after it was reported that he had bought all the flowers from a particular florist in Shanghai, and was planning to surprise her on his special day.

However, fans at the concert were the ones surprised instead as it appears that the singer already knew of the rumours. He teased the crowd by speaking up about the ‘proposal’ and said in a serious tone, “Actually today, I have something special that I would like to announce, as I feel that I am not getting younger anymore.”

Contrary to what the crowd expected, he ended off his speech with “I heard that all the flowers from a shop have been sold to me, so I would like to announce that I bought them to wish for a peace of mind,” drawing laughter from the crowd and dismissing all claims that he was about to get married.

Prior to “Cousin,” Ashin was also linked to a tomboyish girl, nicknamed “Dan Dan Mei.”

Photo: Ashin/Instagram

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