Barbie Hsu bursts into tears while filming in Beijing

The host misses her daughter a lot as this is the first time she has been apart from her


It’s no secret that Barbie Hsu’s children, Wang Xiyue, 4, and Wang Xilin, 2, are the apples of the Taiwanese host’s eyes. The mother-of-two, who welcomed her daughter and son in 2014 and 2016 respectively, has always been open about her love for her children, often posting about them on her various social media platforms.

Barbie, who is currently in Beijing with her husband, Wang Xiaofei, for work, was spotted at the house where they will be filming a reality programme. The 41-year-old, who terminated her third pregnancy after her child was facing developmental problems, was unpacking her luggage when she took out her phone and burst into tears.

As it turns out, what caused the waterworks was a message from Xiyue, in which the little girl acted like a little adult and said, “Mummy, I’m going to the zoo. Mummy, you have to eat your meals well!” Her heartwarming message caused Barbie to become overwhelmed with emotions, and she told her husband repeatedly that she misses her children very much.

The host has previously revealed that she has never been apart from Xiyue since the little girl’s birth, and being apart from her children is more stressful than she thought. She also shared that she started preparing Xiyue for the separation a month ago in order to minimise the anxiety her daughter would feel with her mother not by her side.

Thankfully, Xiyue has adapted well to life without her doting mother constantly watching over her shoulder, and the little girl’s thoughtfulness at such a tender age has caused many netizens to remark that Xiyue was brought up well, praising both Barbie and Xiaofei for their good parenting.

Photo: PBE Media

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