Barbie Hsu’s husband threatens legal action over false reports

Wang Xiaofei’s S Hotel was allegedly facing financial trouble

Barbie Hsu

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu’s entrepreneur husband, Wang Xiaofei has lashed out at claims that his newly opened hotel, S Hotel, was facing financial issues. He said that he was planning to take legal action against the media outlet that spread these lies, and also demanded that they issue a public apology to the hotel.

In an 810 word post on Weibo on Wednesday (Oct 11), Xiaofei accused a particular media outlet of “not getting their facts right and not taking the responsibility of following up.” His intentions of what he expected from that outlet were made very clear with his harsh tone and input of some vulgarities.

He later revealed that he was talking about Mirror Media, who had published a spread in their magazine about the hotel. He clarified that the claims were baseless and said that these rumours have not only affected his personal reputation, but also that of S Hotel’s.

As such, he planned to sue them for slander if they did not issue out an apology within three days. He also demanded that they reclaim all the magazines they had sold to news outlets and added that he hoped to see the apology on the front page in their next magazine as well.

Xiaofei’s lawyer has stepped out and backed up Barbie’s previous claims about the hotel being fully booked during China’s National day (from Oct 1 to Oct 3) and also added that S Hotel provided the best quality service and had received many good reviews.

Mirror Media has yet to comment on the matter at press time. Its executive vice president Song Xiao Ling said that she was unclear of this incident as she had been overseas.

Photo: PBE Media

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