Bianca Bai gives birth to baby boy

She confirmed that she was pregnant earlier this month

Bianca Bai gives birth to baby boy (1)

Taiwanese model-actress Bianca Bai announced that she was expecting a bun in the oven earlier this month, and gave birth to a baby boy yesterday (June 29).

The 33-year-old is said to have been dating investment adviser Tang Tang for the past four years, but has yet to confirm if the couple has officially registered their marriage. The pair, which is known to shy from the limelight, has not been spotted since announcing her pregnancy in early June. Her only statement to the pregnancy news was, “My husband, his family, and I are extremely happy.”

A friend close to Bianca shared, “We’ve welcomed a beautiful new life and we hope that he will not have to grow up under the limelight and under the public’s scrutiny. We hope that he’s able to grow up in a normal environment, just like any other child.”

Reports have stated that she will stay in Hong Kong for her confinement period and has engaged a confinement nanny to fly to Hong Kong to assist her. Her parents are also said to have flown over to be with their daughter and grandson.

Her mentor, Iven Hong, has also confirmed that Bianca has given birth, quipping that he has another grandson now. The stylist calls Bianca his daughter, and laughed that he has yet to come to terms with “becoming a grandfather”.

Bianca’s good friend, Pace Wu along with another friend, are also reported to have gifted Bianca with a limited edition stroller and car seat costing HKD16,000 (S$2777).

Photos: PBE Media

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