Blackie Chen and wife support Kimberley Chen’s new song

Kimberley Chen was presented with Christine Fan’s blue microphone as a gesture of support for her new music

Blackie Chen and wife support Kimberley Chen’s new song

In January this year, Taiwanese celebrities Blackie Chen and his wife Christine Fan had twin sons, River and Ryan Chen. During Christine’s pregnancy, the couple signed on Taiwanese singer Kimberley Chen, who was raised in Australia, under their new talent agency, Black Swan Entertainment.

Since 20-year-old Kimberley started her singing journey with her debut hit single ‘Love You’ which has been viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube, there were many complaints about her princess-like behaviour, which resulted in plenty of negative press last year. Her company at the time, Sony BMG Taiwan, could not bear the attention and terminated her contract in October 2014.

Christine and Blackie established that Kimberley is the first talent signed under Black Swan Entertainment. The couple feel that she makes a good candidate because she grew up abroad and is a straightforward person who speaks her mind, so Blackie and Christine believe they’d have no communication issues with her. The two are impressed by her talent and have scheduled for Kimberley to release a new album this year.

Christine personally produced a single for Kimberley titled ‘So You’re My Happiness’ during her eighth month of pregnancy. She even lent her prized blue microphone to Kimberley, and the latter was beyond touched to be using it.

Kimberley expressed her appreciation towards Christine’s help during the two-day recording and joked that she hopes to work on a song with their sons in future.

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