Blue Lan considers ligation for wife’s wellbeing

His wife, Jade Chou is rumoured to be suffering from post-natal depression

Blue Lan considers ligation for wife’s wellbeing?

Taiwanese actress Jade Chou and fellow Taiwanese actor Blue Lan recently threw a party to celebrate their second child, a baby boy (nicknamed ‘Blue Junior’) turning one month old.

Jade, who found herself pregnant again barely a year after giving birth to her first child, daughter (nicknamed ‘Little Basketball’), was supposed to return to the showbiz three months after delivery, but it was said that she was unable to decide on a date to do so. This sparked rumours that the 39 year-old is suffering from post-natal depression, thus delaying her return to work.

It was said that Blue is also delaying plans of accepting new work projects in the meantime because of Jade. He was seen to be looking slightly haggard at the press conference of Taiwanese singer Amber An’s new album Sing For You.

Blue have always been open to having more children, but hinted at a change of mind recently when he said, “My wife has been very tired these two years.” He also did not deny that they are considering ligation to prevent anymore unplanned pregnancies, fueling the rumours of Jade being ill.

However, the managers of the couple have since refuted the rumour, by claiming that their family is happy, and “why must one have post-natal depression after pregnancy?”.

They also explained further that Blue looked tired because the couple did not hire a nanny, and is taking care of their two children themselves. “We believe that parents out there would understand this”, they added.

Jade and Blue registered their marriage in May 2014 before they welcomed their first child and threw a wedding banquet in 2015, followed by welcoming their second child this October.

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