Bosco Wong to give Myolie Wu a ‘special wedding gift’

Actor and ex-boyfriend says he’s received the invitation by text message

Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Philip Lee

Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong, 34, said he’s picking out a special wedding gift for actress and former girlfriend Myolie Wu, 36, who will be marrying her businessman fiance, Philip Lee, on December 28.

While promoting his new drama series, With You, in Hangzhou, China, on Wednesday, Bosco said he had received a text message from Myolie asking if he was available to attend her wedding. “I’m coordinating my work schedule with my manager, and if I have time I’ll go,” the actor said.

Bosco and Myolie dated for eight years until 2012.

Asked how he felt after receiving Myolie’s text message, Bosco said, “It’s been so long now.” And the actor declined to say how large a “red packet” he’ll be giving Myolie for her wedding.

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