Brigitte Lin celebrates 60th birthday today

The popular Taiwanese star will share her new book at her birthday party

Brigitte Lin celebrates 60th birthday today

Taiwanese actress Brigitte Lin (Lin Ching Hsia), who turns 60 today, will celebrate her birthday at the mansion which her husband Michael Ying gifted her with. At the same time, the actress-turned-author will share her third and latest book Yun Qu Yun Lai with her friends.

The book, which was released this year, consists of 23 compositions which reveal her innermost thoughts. She even read five of them aloud and recorded audio versions for it. Brigitte will also present her friends with a copy of the book which includes her audio recordings at her party.

For her latest publication, she had approached famous author Pai Hsien-yung and Zhang Yihe to pen the prologue to her book.

In the book, Brigitte also mentioned the late Leslie Cheung and how she refuses to pass by Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel where the two used to pour their hearts out to each other as she is afraid of being overcome by sadness once again.

She made her debut when she was 17 with the Taiwanese movie Outside the Window and her second book, Window in the Window, was published in 2011 where she shared stories of her personal experiences. Her first book The Last Star of the East was released in 2008.


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