Cathy Tsui delivers her 4th child

Lee Shau Kee, father-in-law of the actress, hands out $1,835 red packets to celebrate birth of grandson

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Former Hong Kong actress Cathy Tsui announced yesterday that she has given birth to her fourth child, a son named Lee Kin Hei, Hong Kong media reports.

To mark the occasion, her father-in-law, Lee Shau Kee, the second richest person in Hong Kong after Li Ka Shing, handed out red packets each containing 8,200 yuan (approximately S$1,835) to his 1,000-odd employees at Henderson Land Development. The generous gift cost him about 12 million yuan (approximately S$2.68 million) in total.

The billionaire is estimated to have spent 52 million yuan (approximately S$11.63 million) over nearly a decade on red packets for employees to celebrate the birth of seven of his grandchildren.

For giving birth to her three older children — daughters Leanna and Hayley and son Triston — Cathy was rewarded with three luxury properties.

Cathy married her husband, Martin Lee, the younger son of Lee Shau Kee, in 2006.

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