Cecilia Cheung in Singapore with family sans baby

This piece of news has caused speculation about her third child's father to be reignited


All eyes are on Cecilia Cheung after the mother-of-three confirmed that she had given birth to her third child, a son, who is only known to the public by his nickname, 'Little Prince'.

The biggest question on everyone's minds, however, is the identity of her child's father, which she has maintained her silence on. She has denied that her partner is Chinese showbiz magnate Sun Dong Hai, but has not commented on any of the other rumours, including speculation that he is a wealthy 65-year-old Singaporean from the F&B industry, and that she had her baby in order to signal the start of a new chapter of her life.

After finishing her confinement period, Cecilia has jetted to Singapore with Lucas and Quintus, her sons from her previous marriage to Nicholas Tse, in tow. The family is believed to be spending Christmas here.

However, netizens were quick to point out that 'Little Prince' was nowhere to be found, and wondered if it was right for her mother to leave her month-old child behind.


This was met with intense debate, before another netizen claiming to have seen the family on their travels, said that Cecilia spoke from time to time with a mysterious lady who was carrying an infant, leading rise to speculation that the singer-actress had brought along a nanny to look after her bundle of joy.

Others have pointed out that Cecilia heading to Singapore to spend the festive period could also mean that the rumours of her dating the Singaporean magnate are true, and that she traveled her to spend time with him once her confinement period was over.

Cecilia has previously mentioned that she will not comment further on speculation of the identity of her baby's father. Cecilia split from Nicholas in 2012 after six years of marriage.

Photo: PBE Media

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