Cecilia Cheung feels “bullied” and “poor”

The actress has been venting her frustrations on Instagram lately


Thanks to Instagram, we are now privy to Cecilia Cheung’s love for sports and innermost thoughts. The Hong Kong actress, who just created a public account recently, is an active user and updates her fans about her whereabouts on a daily basis. She also regularly writes though-provoking captions with her photos, which many presumed to be a sign that Cecilia is unhappy with her life.

Other than wishing that she “didn’t have the burden of having a family,” she also posted a video of herself and her brother, Cheung Ho Lung, on the set of her latest music video with the caption, “His elder sister has been bullied for 18 years yet he can’t do anything about it.” 

Her suggestive words sparked the curiosity of fans and the media. According to reports, the 37 year-old actress lamented about the lack of support and sponsorships for her projects and revealed that she had to take care of everything from styling to funding by herself.

Cecilia was shunned by directors and producers after she was involved in a pornography scandal with Edison Chen in 2008 and has shied away from showbiz following her high-profile divorce with fellow Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse in 2011. Cecilia’s career hit rock bottom and she relocated to Singapore with her sons, Quintus and Lucas Tse, hoping to give them a conducive environment to grow up in. The family has since moved back to Hong Kong in 2015. 

Things are looking up career-wise for her after she moved back to Hong Kong as she will be making a television comeback in 2018 with Chinese drama, Perhaps, Love.

Photos: PBE Media

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