Cecilia Cheung’s mother made to work as an Uber driver

In order to provide more money for the family

Cecilia Cheung

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s mother, Davies Shally, was recently revealed to have taken on a job as a Uber driver, to ease the financial burdens of the family.

Cecilia had always been the main breadwinner of her family, constantly providing for her mother and brothers’ lavish lifestyles. However, she was left to care for her two sons by herself in 2011 after her divorce to actor Nicholas Tse, which put a strain on her expenses.

In an Instagram post back in July (which has since been deleted), the actress mentioned how she felt bullied for 18 years by her elder brother and even wished that she “didn’t have the burden of having a family.” She further lamented that she could no longer splurge on nice clothes for herself and subtly hinted that she would stop being the family’s ‘money tree.’

The actress further ranted on about how her financial situation had become more difficult after both her career and income were affected, following the pornography scandal with Edison Chen in 2008 as well as her divorce three years later. To top it off, the 37-year-old also put her career on hold temporarily when she moved to Singapore in 2013 to allow her sons to grow up in a more conducive environment, before only moving back to Hong Kong last year.

With the reduction of their family income, Davies was made to return to the working world last year at the mature age of 55, making her debut appearance in the horror documentary film The Cases II. While Davies’ two sons were present to support their mother at the red carpet premiere last October, Cecilia was nowhere in sight.

The 55-year-old also previously worked as a cashier in a cake shop that has since closed down in July. Therefore, she had no choice but to take up a job as an Uber driver after, already picking up over 500 passengers in the past three months. Her courteous and professional attitude has earned her good reviews and a high ranking of 4.7 out of 5.

Davies and her younger son were initially running a couple of businesses, which ranged from a wine shop to a restaurant, although these eventually closed down.

Photo: PBE Media

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