Charmaine Sheh hopes to reunite with ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ cast in sequel

There has been talk about shooting a modern-day version of the well-loved drama

Charmaine Sheh hopes to reunite with ‘Story of Yanxi Palace’ cast in sequel

Historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace has made waves around the world and its cast members have also experienced a boost in popularity. In particular, leading lady Charmaine Sheh has seen her workload increase immensely, something that the actress has attributed to the ‘Yanxi effect’, which she is grateful for.

After the success of the drama, there have been rumours of a modern-day sequel being filmed, something that has been neither confirmed nor refuted by the production team.

Charmaine was asked about these rumours at a recent event in Hong Kong, to which she mused, “(I heard about the filming locations that they mentioned), but the places that they talked about don’t seem like suitable locations to film a modern-day drama.”

Although the news has yet to be confirmed, the 43-year-old expressed that she would love for the original cast to return should there be a sequel. “Everyone hopes to get together again. We could even have the same cast but a totally different cast and set of characters.”

As for the type of character she would like to play, Charmaine only had one request, which would be a multi-faceted one. “My mother doesn’t like watching when I play innocent characters (because) she doesn’t like to see me getting bullied by others. She has never come to visit me on set, because she doesn’t like to see me working so hard.”

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