Chow Yun Fat’s surprise birthday party on set

He was presented with an almost-kiss from fellow cast member Aaron Kwok


Chow Yun Fat is known for being extremely thoughtful towards his wife – he’s celebrated every single one of her birthdays with her since tying the knot with her in 1986. This time around, his Singaporean missus Jasmine Tan decided to return the favour by popping up unannounced at the Wu Shuang film set to celebrate the actor’s birthday.

The Hong Kong veteran actor, who turned 62 yesterday, was asked by Jasmine about what he’d like to eat before he left for work. He responded with, “I’ll be filming all day, so after we wrap up for the day we can just have a simple meal because I’ll have to work again the next day.”


Unbeknownst to him, Jasmine had arranged for a luncheon on set, and also brought along three birthday cakes to share with the entire cast and crew. On being surprised, the birthday boy shared, “I didn’t know that she prepared such a grand feast for us, so I’m really touched.”

Aaron Kwok, who will reunite with the screen legend for an upcoming movie again, leaned in for an almost-kiss with his co-star, which drew chuckles from the crowd. He later led the cast and crew in singing the birthday song, declaring that he was dedicating it to “my one and only idol”.

Photos: PBE Media

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