Chow Yun Fat’s wife suffered miscarriage in 1991

The actor’s wife revealed that she was initially supposed to have a baby girl

Chow Yun Fat

The hearts of many were touched on Sunday (Oct 29) after Hong Kong veteran actor Chow Yun Fat’s wife, Jasmine Tan, revealed why the couple chose not to have children after all these years.

In an interview with Apple Daily, Jasmine said that she was seven months pregnant with a baby daughter in late 1991 but unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage after the baby suffocated due to strangulation of the umbilical cord around its neck. By the time Jasmine was rushed to the emergency room, it was too late and she had lost the baby.

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Jasmine talks about how she was unaware of her miscarriage

“I even told Yun Fat that our daughter was so well-behaved on that particular day and had not kicked me once. Little did I know that there had been an accident and my daughter was already gone,” Jasmine said tearfully.

The 57-year-old added that it took her seven long years to finally be able to recover from this shock and talk about the experience. She still put on a strong front and said that even though she “could not give her love to her daughter, she was still able to spread it to others.”

Being the doting husband that Yun Fat is, he decided that she should not suffer the same emotional and physical trauma again, and therefore, the couple ultimately decided not to have children.

However, they did not seem to let this setback affect their love or marriage as Jasmine still behaved like a teenager in love when she talked about Yun Fat during the interview and said that he is a very loving husband, even cheekily praising that he would be “handsome forever.”

Jasmine and Yun Fat tied the knot in 1986 and the actor often shows his love through thoughtful, affectionate gestures, such as by celebrating every single one of his wife’s birthdays with her and vice versa.

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