Chris Ke’s husband slams her for filing for separation of their assets

Kuo Tsung Kun called the actress a “sneaky woman” with “ulterior motives”

Chris Ke

Rumours of Taiwanese actress Chris Ke's chef husband of six years, Kuo Tsung Kun, having an affair with a female employee named Moe the past two years began circulating after photos of the two of them together surfaced. However, Tsung Kun has refuted the claims, saying that Chris filing for separation of their assets without his consent was what caused their marriage to break down.

When the photos first appeared, Chris said she was in shock and disbelief as she “did not know that this would happen.” She said that it probably began during the couple’s three-month cold war period after they had an argument on how to renovate their house, causing Tsung Kun to move out. She added that she thought it was only “a small quarrel and did not even expect it to blow up”, much less expect him to have an affair.

She also revealed that Tsung Kun had always remained secretive despite having issues with his finances. It was only after he could not pay their household bills for the second month, did he confess that he “had no money and was only left NT$60,000 (approximately S$2706) in his bank account.”

The actress also added that she used already suspected something was up after Tsung Kun’s repeated delayed contributions to their joint account set up for their three children despite him claiming that he contributes NT$70,000 (approximately S$3152) into the fund monthly. It was then speculated that she filed for the separation as a precaution.

However, Tsung Kun fought back on Nov 2 in a Facebook post where he denied all allegations, claiming that Moe was “just a friend”. Labelling Chris a “woman with ulterior motives”, he called her out for making false claims about their relationship and said that their problems actually stemmed from different education beliefs for their children. He added that unlike what she said, he still lives in the same house as his wife and not with Moe.

Chris’ manager has spoken out about their conflict and said that the actress had been at home crying ever since reading his post.

“They have not interacted with each other and are not even talking at the moment. Tsung Kun has not even called. However, I am not sure if he left any messages but I advised her not to check them for now and she also agrees as she is afraid that she might get hurt further,” her manager said.

As to whether the couple were planning to file for divorce, her manager said that Chris was still unsure at the moment as she was currently still getting over the betrayal.

Chris and Tsung Kun have been married since 2011 and have three children together.

Photo: PBE Media

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