Chris Wang almost ruined his family trip to Guam

It almost did not happen: the first-time dad left his daughter’s identification papers at home

Chris Wang almost ruined his family trip to Guam
Taiwanese actor Chris Wang finally fulfilled his birthday wish and went on a family vacation to the southern hemisphere last weekend.

According to Taiwan media reports, Chris was seen travelling to Guam, U.S., on Sunday, together with his wife, Xiao Jian and his three-month-old daughter Guen Guen (Wang Lei Bang).

However, the trip almost did not happen because the careless father forgot to bring along Guen Guen’s identification papers when they left the house and only realised it at the airport’s check-in counter. With his parents’ help, he managed to board the plane at the very last minute.

Chris Wang almost ruined his family trip to Guam
During an interview with the media, Chris recalled the time when he changed diapers for Guen Guen in the Underwater World and called it his most unforgettable experience of the trip.

“A big fish swam over and Guen Guen was so excited [by it] she took a dump,” revealed Chris who assured that he made sure no one was around before he changed her diapers.

“Don’t worry, [no one else] saw her naked except the sharks,” he chuckled.

The new father also shared on other milestones they achieved in Guam which includes Guen Guen’s first swimming experience at a pool. He went on to reveal that his baby girl was “hit on” by a Japanese boy who praised her for her adorable looks.

The 33-year-old added that he will not be a controlling parent and will allow his daughter to “date at any age”.

Chris Wang almost ruined his family trip to Guam
And if there was one thing that left a blemish on Chris’ family vacation, it was when they had to cancel their diving trip plans. The actor explained that he and his wife were unable to leave Guen Guen at the day care centre because she’d only drink breast milk and rejected formula milk.

“So we carried her and sat by the beach as a family and watched the sunset,” he lamented.

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