Chris Wang conquers the South Pole

The actor and his wife are #couplegoals


Taiwanese actor Chris Wang is known for his adventurous nature and love for travel. In 2016, he took a break from showbiz to travel the world with his wife Lin Yi-xian, who doubles as his manager and agent, as well as their first child, a daughter nicknamed "Lei Lei".

In November last year, the 36-year-old joined Taiwan’s first expedition team to the South Pole, following them on their journey there. After 41 days, the team reached their destination. However, after their journey back, there was a surprise waiting for Chris.

It turns out that his wife had flown all the way to Chile to surprise him, after days of no contact due to the team’s arduous journey back. “Oh my god, Mama Lei is really mad, really too surprised and happy! I totally turned into a dumbstruck cat,” Chris wrote, sharing a number of pictures together with Yi-xian.


“A comforting dinner and a long-awaited drink... to have you by my side on this journey, (I) basically feel blissful, the entire team was so envious,” he added. It is understood that the couple rested in Chile for less than 12 hours, before having to leave. 

In other related news, before he left for his expedition, Chris had once shared that he was afraid that he “would not be able to return”. Thus, he made sure that his will was updated, to provide for his family.

Fortunately, his expedition concluded safely with no mishaps. “Team leader Liu Boyuan reminded us that we should make sure that we’ve made adequate preparations for our loved ones (before leaving), which is why I collected myself together to write my will,” Chris shared. “But now, I can finally tear that will up.”

Chris and Yi-xian tied the knot in 2015 and welcomed their daughter in the same year, Their son, nicknamed "YOLO", was born in 2017.

Photos: PBE Media

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