Chris Wang nearly falls prey to online scammer

The actor-host’s wife chided him for “being too innocent”


Taiwanese actor-host Chris Wang, is currently halfway through a one-month vacation with his pregnant wife and daughter, where they will be visiting countries like Nepal, Turkey and Austria.

Recently, the 34-year-old took to his Facebook to vent his frustration, writing, “I’m already in Nepal, but this kind of things are still happening.”

He revealed that he had just received a series of messages from a scammer impersonating his sister on mobile messaging app LINE, asking for a loan.

At first, Chris did not suspect anything and even asked for the scammer’s bank account details to transfer the money over. However, he felt that something was amiss, and decided to test his “sister” by asking, “Who are you and I closest to?”

The scammer attempted to brush away the question, replying, “We’ll talk about it when I settle my issue! Help me with my problem first,” confirming Chris’s suspicion that he was not talking to his sister.

He uploaded screenshots of his conversation with the scammer, expressing that he was angry that said person had tried to impersonate his sister, making him believe that she was truly in trouble. Chris’s wife also chided him for being “too innocent,” saying that she “didn’t think that my husband will get affected by online scammers.”

Upon reading Chris’s experience, netizens left comments reassuring the actor-host, with some even sharing their own brushes with online scammers.

Chris travelled extensively last year to countries such as New Zealand and Australia when he took a break from showbiz to tour the world with his family.

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